Our Passion

Rosewater strives to create a better world. A greener world. A world with equal opportunity. A world for sustainability.


We believe, there is enough opportunity and wealth in the world for everyone.

We believe, in keeping the environment clean.

We believe in the power of connections.


Rosewater concerns itself with advisory, implementation & investment work.

We engage in various types of different projects and aim for a positive results for both our partners and for our planet.

Our impact projects target sustainability for all.

At Rosewater, we believe in the cycle of sustainibility & opportunity.


Sustainable projects create new opportunities to its participants and communities.

Opportunities bring sustainable value to a project.




We are connecting the fast developing regions with the regions in the most 'need'.
Our partnerships allow us to create opportunities on a global scale, where sustainable development always gets our priority.


Industry Focus



Real Estate






Smart Cities

Our consortium of technology, products and expertise create ideal environments for Smart City development.

With partners around the globe, we engage in strategic located smart city projects.


Our Community

Rosewater brings people closer together.
We like to engage local companies to multinational, NGO's as well as Private Cooperations.
We inform our community about the impact opportunities and engage them in activities.


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Rosewater's broad strategic capabilities  can provide efficient solutions for many different types of organizations.
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